New Year’s Resolutions – HVAC Tips For Your Home

Happy New Year everyone, welcome to 2018! Just like every year, we all set those New Year’s Resolutions for ourselves, whether it be exercising more, eating healthier, or even trying a new hobby, the list goes on and on.

However, while setting goals for the New Year is great, we also need to focus on what we deal with in our everyday life, our HVAC system. Below, I will provide a short list of HVAC tips that will help improve the efficiency in your home, as well as maintaining comfort throughout the year.

Tip # 1: Filters – Changing out your filters regularly, as well as maintaining them throughout the year, will help keep your system performing efficiently. Not only that, but changing out your filters will ultimately save you money in the long run. Filters tend to get dirty, and as a result can clog up the system. When that happens, your HVAC system struggles to keep up, and has to work much harder to maintain comfort in the home. On top of that, a dirty/clogged up filter can be detrimental for the indoor air quality in the home, especially if allergies are an issue in the home. Check and change your filters (every 2-3 months), this will help you save money, and help your system maintain efficiency in the long run. Give the Cother team a call, we are here to help!

Tip # 2: Cleanliness – The Condenser, the Coils, and the Drain Pan. All (3) of these items tend to accumulate grass, dirt and sometimes rust. For the Condenser, which is the outside portion of your system, make sure the unit is clear of any debris, grass, dirt or anything that can be potentially harmful for the unit. The Coils, whether it be on your outside unit, or your inside system, these coils can get dirty fast. Here at Cother, we wash out the Condenser Coil as part of our routine maintenance. For a deeper coil cleaning, we do offer those services as well, with a range of different techniques and prices. Lastly, the Drain Pan, which is a safety net for your inside coil. Drain Pans gather water, which can lead to rust over time, and potentially cause damage to your ceiling. Here at Cother, we can help you with these potential issues, give us a call today.

Tip # 3Upgrade – Upgrading your system is a big investment, but it’s a decision that could help improve the quality of your life. First and foremost, if you have an older system, one that contains R-22, you should highly consider investing in a new system. Plain and simple, they do not manufacture R-22 anymore, thus making any potential repairs or issues with refrigerant VERY expensive for you. If you do have the current (410-A) refrigerant, then these are the questions you should ask yourself in regards to your system

1 – What is the age of my system? The average life of a system is 10-12 years. If you need help, give us a call and we can find out the information of your system

2 – Is there any “warranty” left on my system? Typically, a system has a 5-10 year parts warranty, be sure to double check that before making any decisions.

3 – What is the probability of my unit failing? In most cases, if the unit is older than the life expectancy, as well as no warranty left, then sometimes the probability of failing can be high. Repairs on an older system can be very expensive, as some parts are hard to locate. Another thing is, a new system will actually save you money in the long run, mainly due to it being more efficient. An older system will constantly run, and drive up that bill on a monthly basis. Give us a call today, we do offer Free Estimates if you would like to check pricing.


From the Cother team to you, we hope you have a wonderful New Year!



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