A/C Maintenance Programs

The Cother Protection Plan

Let us keep your family comfortable all year long while helping to prevent major, costly repairs of your home’s air conditioning and heating system!
Includes (1) 16 Point A/C Maintenance and (1) 16 Point Heater Check Up per year, 4 complimentary service calls (valued @ $360)
10% off on any additional parts & labor, preferential service (serviced first before non-protected clients), and complete record of all maintenance & repairs.


The Brand NEW Smart Protection Plan

Everything that the basic plan has to offer plus:

  • Lifetime thermostat warranty (valid only if plan renewed yearly)
  • $400 discount on full system replacement
  • Double Warranty on all parts and labor associated with repair (2 years)
  • Front of the line service, skip the wait (requires email notification from thermostat to Cother)
  • Maintenance reminders of filter and UV bulb change outs.

***Smart plan requires new Cother installed Wi-Fi thermostat ($380, which includes first year of maintenance)

Increased Comfort

Lower Operating Costs

Insure Longer Equipment Life

Spring Safety & Efficiency AC Maintenance Check Up

16-Point A/C Inspection

• Inspect for proper refrigerant charge
• Inspect all visible refrigerant line for leaks
• Check the starting capabilities of the unit to protect the compressor from lock-up and burn outs
• Check for proper amperage draw on motors
• Monitor the air for proper temperature drop
• Lubricate any moving parts
• Inspect and adjust the blower and its components
• Check electrical connections for proper contact and corrosion build up
• Inspect all safety controls for defects
• Check the condensing drain and the drain lines
• Check the drip pan
• Inspect all accessible duct work
• Check fuses and circuit breakers for proper size and defects
• Check the filters
• Flush the condenser coil with water to clean it
• Clean and adjust the thermostat for correct temperature reading

Fall Safety & Efficiency Maintenance Check Up

16-Point Heater Inspection

• Inspect all safety controls: automatic heat cut-off, and fan relay (electric) or FNA limit switch (gas)
• Check electrical connections
• Inspect for corrosion build up on the unit
• Inspect the air filter
• Inspect all accessible duct work
• Lubricate all moving parts
• Check breakers and fuses for proper amperage draw
• Check sequencer to confirm correct sequence of operations (electric), or inspect the burner for proper operation (gas)
• Inspect the electrical relay switches (electric), or clean and adjust the pilot light and assembly (gas)
• Check the fan limit and safety limit switches
• Inspect vent for obstructions and vent pipe for leaks
• Check heat sensor to ensure heat strips cut off properly
• Adjust the fan belt for traction and proper tension
• Inspect the condition of the heat strips
• Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks
• Check and adjust gas valve for proper air and gas mixture and operation (gas)

Always get excellent service. Service personal are nice and they are very well trained servicemen. Your service was highly recommended by my daughter-in-law and I was extremely happy with my decision to use you. I will recommend you to anyone and your service greatly exceeded my expectations. Thank You!

Judy K.

Long time customer and I am extremely satisfied with the service I received. The crew was excellent. Extremely polite, efficient, and very clean. They were helpful and very professional. It was a pleasure to have these men to have in my house!

Jane A.

I have used your company for over 20 years and I hope to continue using your company for many years to come! I have stayed with your company over the years for one main reason; your honesty. You are always up front and don’t sugarcoat the repairs that I need.

June J.

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