Spring Cleaning – HVAC Maintenance

It’s almost time for the start of a new season, Spring! We survived the harsh winter, now it’s time to enjoy some better weather. With the new season approaching us, most of us will be transitioning from our Heating unit to our Air Conditioner. Here at Cother Air Conditioning and Heating, we would like to offer some Spring cleaning tips and strategies, as well as the benefits to maintaining your air conditioner.

Thermostat: The Remote Control for your Heating and Cooling system, you always want to ensure your Thermostat is working properly for your unit. It can be as simple as getting the batteries checked, having the thermostat calibrated, or even having a licensed technician setup the correct schedule for your daily needs. A Programmable or WiFi thermostat can be very beneficial for the home, especially in terms of saving money. With one of these thermostats, you’re able to set a schedule for when you’re home or away, allowing you to control the comfort and savings in your home.

Filters: Changing out your filters regularly is very critical for the life of your HVAC system. Not only does it help keep up the efficiency of your unit, but it also helps filter out any dust or pollutants, which in turn helps with your system’s indoor air quality. This is very beneficial if there is anyone in the home with allergies. Please give us a call, we are happy to help with any filter related issues.

Ductwork: When most people discuss their air conditioning system, rarely is the topic of ductwork brought up. Having your ductwork inspected by a licensed professional is very important, this will help you give an idea of how effective it’s working for your system. It doesn’t matter how efficient the unit is, if the ductwork is in poor condition, the unit will never reach it’s max efficiency. During our routine 16 point A/C inspection, we always check the ductwork, specifically for leaks or any possible improvements that can be done to help increase the life of the unit. Give us a call today and ask about our 16 Point A/C Inspection, we’d be happy to help.

Upgrade: Is your unit 10+ years old? Out of warranty? Are you still stuck with the outdated R-22 (currently EPA allowed is 410-A)? Are you starting to notice the unit’s efficiency is not what it once was? If you’re experiencing any one of these issues, then maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade. Last thing you want to do is get yourself in a situation, where it’s the middle of the summer, and all the sudden your unit breaks down completely, leaving you with limited options. Here at Cother Air Conditioning and Heating, we currently have some great deals going on, we have an offer that comes with a lifetime compressor, as well as a 10 year Labor contract to go with it (Average is 1-2 years Labor). Give us a call for details and pricing, we do offer free estimates.

Maintenance Plan: We all live busy lives, right? It’s not easy to schedule, and remember multiple appointments all on the fly. Unfortunately, sometimes maintaining our HVAC system falls to the back in terms of scheduling. Our team here at Cother Air Conditioning and Heating has a solution for you. It’s called the Cother Protection Plan, also known as our yearly maintenance plan. Why is this plan beneficial for me may you ask? Plain and simple, it’s the savings. Normally, for any standard service or maintenance call, we charge $60 for (1) system to be diagnosed. The cost of our Cother Protection Plan is $140 for the full year. What this includes is, (1) A/C maintenance check, (1) Heating maintenance check, as well as (4) emergency service calls in the event the unit stops working. On top of that, any repairs you may have, you will receive a full 10% of the repairs. In the long run, the Cother Plan can end up saving you a lot of money, as well as help extend the life of your system. Lastly, we do all the work for you. We call you and ask you when you would like to get it scheduled, for both the A/C and for the heat, and when it’s time for renewal. Call us today to get signed up for the full year.

Any questions or comments, please give us a call @ 713-944-5500

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