Happy Holidays! – Here are some HVAC tips for the Winter

  •  Cother Protection Plan. The maintenance plan offers savings that you won’t find in this industry. Total Cost = $140 for the full year. Included: (1) A/C safety check, (1) Furnace safety check, (4) emergency service calls, as well as (10%) off any service or repairs. Incredible value, and this also helps maintain your system’s warranty.
  • Filters… Always check your filters. Dirty filters can cause potential air flow issues, as well as decreasing the efficiency of the system. Make sure to always have them cleaned or replaced. Here at Cother, we can certainly help with that.
  • Safety – The Winter time can be very demanding of your HVAC system, specifically the Furnace. If your system is getting worn down, or showing signs of potential issues, we highly recommend to give us a call, that way we can perform a 16 Point Safety and Efficiency check of the unit.
  • Air Flow issues? Are you experiencing air flow issues in some rooms, but not in others? This could have to do with your Ductwork. The winter time is a great time to have your Ductwork checked out by a licensed professional. Give us a call, we are here to help.
  • The DREADED question, DO I NEED TO REPLACE MY SYSTEM??? If it’s not broke, why fix it, right? That is an understandable logic, but there are a couple factors you may want to consider for the future, especially in the winter time…
  • R-22 – Unfortunately, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has stopped the production of R-22, and it will be completely gone by 2020. Prices are going to skyrocket exponentially within the next few months. If you do have an R-22 unit, we highly recommend you consider getting a quote to replace your HVAC system. The winter time is great for that, as there are many discounts we can offer.
  • Age –  Hey! Are you calling me old? Realistically, if your system is more than 10 years old, the truth is that it’s just not as efficient as it once was. The other issue with an aging unit is, it tends to run of that electric bill. None of us like to hear that. The benefit of a new system, especially a more efficient one, helps drive down the cost of these expenses. Right now, we have some incredible discounts for the winter, so give us a call 713-944-5500

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