DIY Air Conditioner Repair

Not all air conditioning repairs are complicated and some of the ac service calls that we respond to are extremely simple fixes.
If you are in need of a/c repairs or heater repairs, save yourself a service call with DIY AC.

Light Switches In The Attic

DIY AC Tip #1: Most everyone has noticed that there are either two light switches in the attic or a light switch on the wall near the attic door and another in the attic. This second light switch doesn’t operate the lights in your attic, it provides power to operate your furnace or air handler. By turning this switch off, the power going to your furnace is stopped and your air conditioning system will not work. In some cases, your thermostat may even go blank. If someone has been in your attic recently, either for a/c maintenance, installing cable, or putting away decorations, you may have your furnace light switch turned off. Note that your furnace switch may be installed upside down. If you have found that your light switch in the attic is not the problem, then you may need to call us to diagnose the problem.

Thermostat Settings

DIY AC Tip #2: If you have an older  thermostat style, you may not have an “automatic change-over” when the weather goes from hot to cold or cold to hot. Older thermostats have three modes: one for cooling, another for off, and a third for heat. Make sure that the thermostat is in the correct “mode” for what you are trying to do. If you have a low battery signal or flashing battery icon, your thermostat may not function properly until you replace the batteries. Newer thermostat are “programmable”, meaning you can enter your preferred temperature for different times throughout the day and week and set this ‘program’ of settings to run. The newest thermostats on the market are WiFi enabled, allowing you to control your home’s air conditioner with a tablet or smart phone and to receive updates and alerts about your a/c system. If you would like to learn more about new thermostats or have questions about thermostat settings, contact us today!

Tripped Breakers

DIY AC Tip #3: If your air conditioner or furnace has stopped working check to see if your home’s breakers have “tripped”. A “tripped” breaker could be caused by a number of reasons. To check if your air conditioner or furnace is the cause, follow these steps:
1. Turn off your thermostat by placing the switch on ‘Off’ or if you have a digital, set the mode and cycle to ‘Off’.
2. Find your breaker box. This could be located in your garage or on the outside of your home.
3. Locate the breaker labeled A/C or Furnace. If this switch is tripped your air conditioner or your furnace has caused the problem. Do not proceed any further as this may damage your system.  Call us immediately to solve the problem.

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Judy K.

Long time customer and I am extremely satisfied with the service I received. The crew was excellent. Extremely polite, efficient, and very clean. They were helpful and very professional. It was a pleasure to have these men to have in my house!

Jane A.

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June J.

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