“The Snuggle Is Real”

Funny, right? OK, OK, OK… Maybe we are being just a bit dramatic, but it’s never too early to prepare for the upcoming cold weather. Before you decide to turn on that Furnace, contact your Cother representative, and we’ll get you set up with a safety maintenance check for your heater. In the meantime, we will list some important tips to keep you ready for this winter season.

1) Thermostat: This is arguably the most important feature for the system, as it is the main component that you as a homeowner will deal with, this helps control the comfort level in your home. Whether you have a Non Programmable, Programmable, or WiFi capable Thermostat, make sure that you have the thermostat set to your standards. Need help programming? Give Cother (713-944-5500) a call today, we’re happy to help.

2) Filters: Underrated, and most of the time, unnoticed by homeowners. We all have busy lives, so it’s understandable to get behind at times. However, by not changing that filter, at least within 1-3 months regularly, you run the risk of the filter collecting dust & dirt, which can then restrict the airflow. Restricting the airflow causes your Furnace to work harder, which can reduce its efficiency, as well as cost more $$ out of your pocket. We all like to save money, right? Contact your Cother (713)-944-5500 representative today, we’re happy to change that filter out for you.

3) Ask Questions? Yes, ask away. Why is my heating bill so high? How old is my unit? Do I have any warranty left? These are important, informative questions/answers for you as a homeowner.

4) Off-Season Upgrade: That is correct, it might be time to upgrade your system, and the winter season is a great time to invest. Not only because most companies are not as busy in the winter (summer = busy season), but more so because it’s a great time to take advantage of some lucrative deals. Some may ask, “Well how do I know it’s time to replace my system?” Great question. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when considering a possible upgrade. 1) How old is my unit? (Life Expectancy of an A/C system is 10-12 years). 2) Do I have an R-22 unit? (These units are being phased out, and may one day no longer be available. Convert to the current 410-A).. 3) Is it worth it? Short answer: Yes. Anyone that has spent a summer in Houston knows how brutal those humid, intense sunny days can be. Don’t be victim to a 100+ degree day with absolutely no A/C, it’s not worth it, and it’s not safe. We do understand the cost of a new air conditioner is a major investment, and we want to help as much as we can, that is why Cother, Inc is offering 0% financing to qualifying customers. Give Cother (713)-944-5500 a call today to take advantage of our great deals!


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